What Is Email Marketing

What is email marketing? As the name suggests, email marketing is the use of email as a marketing tool. The term can refer to any electronic message between you and a client, potential client or notice board. In the world of online business, however, email marketing usually means messages of a promotional nature sent directly to potential customers or to current clients, encouraging them to continue to use your service or purchase your product. Email marketers also send messages to inspire brand loyalty amongst consumers as a way to nurture positive customer relations. Thirdly, email marketing also refers to sending ad-campaigns along with emails from other people.

Email marketing is a very popular mode of communication for several reasons. Firstly, even though the design and marketing process can be complex, this form of marketing requires minimal overhead costs versus other types of advertising. Whereas website marketing involves people coming to you, you can directly contact your consumer base by sending emails. Indeed, email marketing can be an effective way of communicating a business message. It is vital that you attain the address-holder’s permission before you send your emails to avoid spamming.

There are three main types of email marketing: direct email, retention email and the use of other people’s messages.

Direct emails:
Direct email involves sending a marketing message directly to customers or potential customers. Often business collect client email addresses for this purpose. Many companies allow you to rent email address lists, which enable you to hone in on a specific target market based on hobbies or geographic setting.

Retention emails:
Whereas direct emails usually try and encourage new business, retention emails are typically sent to existing customers in the hopes of retaining their support. These usually take the form of regular newsletters, providing the consumer with added information and reading entertainment with the hopes of generating brand loyalty and positive customer relations.

Use of other people’s messages
An alternative to writing a newsletter yourself, would be to buy space on other people’s/companies’ emails. You then piggyback your advertisements and marketing messages on someone else’s email.

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