Safaris Industry In South Africa

Company in Sandton

Over 110000 “Safaris” Searches on Google.co.za (p/m)
The competition is paying up to R5.67 per click!

If only 10% of searches get clicked, then R62370 is spent on ONE phrase in ONE search engine. Every month!

The value prospect is clear when you consider the thousands of alternative keywords, websites that make up the “Safaris” industry.
A dirty secret big brands don’t share
is that the location based traffic is where the money is.

*Video:local services marketing

Focused Traffic = Money Traffic

Marketing Strategy for Safaris

Generate money traffic by focusing on your customers locations & by getting your website in front of them when they are making key decisions.

Location, location, location! Traffic from niche locations is very small, yet due to the distribution of our media we can pool this traffic to target your website. The more targeted traffic your site receives the more sales / leads your company will generate.

Bottom Line is Your Customers Buy Local

100degrees will place +10 “virtual billboard” or “web banner” adverts for your company across our highly focused websites. Each banner placement is tailored to the safaris industry and segmented by region, city and suburb in South Africa. We focus each billboard placement on the locations that will have the best possible impact on your bottom line.

Your Billboard Ad Will Look Like This

First come first serve banner placement. Mini description of your safaris company and products. Screen shot of your website on right and some key links to your main website with your direct contact details below.
Address: 123 your business address goes here


Telephone:011 234 5678 | Fax: 011 123 4567

Keep safaris traffic coming in even if your PPC and SEO campaigns pause or fail.

Current Hyper local Safaris Traffic

Visit each site (opens in a new window / tab)

Truly sustainable online marketing infrastructure requires a “1’s and 2’s” ticking over in the background of the boundary hitter campaigns in SEO, PPC and EMail marketing.

Local Safaris Site Ad’s

Imagine placing your safaris company advert on your competitors websites. Well you can. Below are a list of 5 “safaris” related websites in South Africa where we will place your advert.

Local Blogs Sending Love

We have some of the best bloggers in the world right here in South Africa. These guys post articles, reviews and even run advertising campaigns for our clients on their sites. Our community we source from a variety of active interest groups and when they find things in on our directories we pay them “beer money” to chat about it.

8PDave SiteGet Funky
Local Traffic

Social Media Traffic?

We already have the ball rolling for you!
With thousands of impressions on pages JoburgServices, we have an instant local and international audience. “Like” our pages and you will soon see how we drive visitor traffic from Facebook to our clients sites, bloggers, directories, your company and the natural web.


We dont force feed Social Media like so many other companies do. It’s cool we post it, if it’s not we don’t.

Why We Contacted You?

We know we can save you money by boosting your local web traffic.

However, that’s not why we contacted you.

  • Join the 100degrees family of high end, low cost marketing solutions
  • We are a local company offering a exclusive services
  • No contracts or smoke and mirrors babble-talk
  • We are invested in the safaris industry
  • We are here to ensure that our clients are kept happy

Simple as that

Packages (From)
  • 10 Safaris Niche Billboards
    • Traffic From
      • Search Engines
      • Local Blogs
      • Facebook Profiles
      • Site Referrals
  • Strategic placements
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Unlimited visits
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Unlimited leads
  • Fixed budget
  • Uptime guarantee

No strategic consultants, sales, marketing, contracts, design and reporting in our bare bones services.

Some Frequent Questions

Designed for Business
    Our web billboards stick out like sore thumbs on the bland white backgrounds. The “blue” shade is a trustworthy “let’s do business” business colour. Selected and designed by some leading web conversion experts to be the best possible chance of conversions on your website.
Track Everything
    Clicks from these banners are 100% traceable via 3rd party tools like Google Analytics and the URL builder tool We are also able to track via your 3rd party banner tag / affiliate tags.
Compliment Your Marketing
    Banners are placed to compliment your seo, ppc, email and other above the line marketing campaigns and are set-up to drive the most relevant traffic to your website.
Separate Server Locations
    Each site is set-up on a separate web server location using a fully backed up cloud server technology to make certain we are online 24/7/365 no matter what.
Payment Options
  • Monthly (invoice) R500.00 + R50 admin fee = R550.00
  • Monthly (10% discount with debit order) + = R450.00
  • 6 Month (10% discount) = R2700.00
  • 12 Month (20% discount) = R4800.00
  • R50.00 per add-on listing
  • Other payment terms
    • All prices exclude V.A.T
    • R500.00 unwaivable set-up fee
    • All payments in advance
    • 30 Day service termination notice
Top Billboards
  • Top placed billboards are provided on a first come, first serve, basis.
  • Listings that do not pay their monthly invoice lose their top placements.

  • One Point Maintenance has sky-rocketed since we started working with 100degrees. Hard to believe that services like this exist for only R500pm
  • Best value service I have ever found. Highly recommend the R500pm service. Top shelf! Stellar service guys.
  • Once again I would like to thank you for your service and ongoing delivery of quality traffic to our site.
  • Truly one of the best online marketing services on the planet! You guys have turned my failing business around.
  • After being stiffed by a UK marketing company I was quite hesitant in taking this R500pm offer. Well, Yesterday I landed a R2M deal straight off JoburgServices.co.za
  • Can’t believe I’m getting at least 2 converted leads a week now from SandtonServices.co.za which used to cost me R5Kpm in Google Adwords. On my way to doubling my turnover, kudos!
  • - Tyson Botha
  • - Jan Nel
  • - Patrick Van Schalk Wyk
  • - Lindsay Hutchinson
  • - Tomas Shord
  • - Reinhard Savet
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