Social Media For SEO

Social media can be defined as any form of media that is used for social interaction. It allows for the creation and the exchange of user generated content. You can use many forms of social media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your brand presence known online.

Three Main Ways That Social Media Can Work For SEO

The first way is which social media can help with SEO is by promoting your content on these social media websites. This will lead to the natural generation of links. A great example of this is the fact that Twitter confirms that about 35 million Tweets contain links on a daily basis. By posting or promoting your content in a Tweet on Twitter, you would be encouraging your network of contacts to share this link with their network of contacts and so on. The more and more your content is shared on Twitter, the better ranking your will get with search engines.

Another good example would be posting content on Facebook. Having people “Like” your company’s page on Facebook is important but having them share your post or content makes a much bigger impression on search engines. This is because by sharing your link or content they are effectively telling search engines that this content is valuable.

The other way in which social media websites can help with SEO is by increasing website traffic. You can direct people from your social media profile to your actual blog or website. You can do this by posting the first paragraph of your latest blog post to your Facebook profile. People would then have to go to your blog to read the whole thing. It is important to note that the chances of converting a visitor into a customer are much better if they are on your actual website and not on your social profile.

The last main way that social media can help your SEO would be by increasing your online brand presence. This because if you search for any company by name then their Facebook or :LinkedIn profile is likely to rank quite highly in the results.

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