Google Pays for Drones To Bust African Rhino Poachers

Horrendous images of sedated rhinos with their horns hacked by poachers has started a viral phenomenon both online and in the streets of South Africa.

Google’s $5 million to a conservation group for light weight aerial drones that will survey larger expanses of the African bush veld making it easier to locate ivory poachers.

The investment couldn’t come at a better time: The past year in South Africa alone, nearly 600 rhinos have been slaughtered for their horns. That’s more than one rhino killed every day for a substance that has no medicinal value whatsoever.

Thank you Google.

Following up on a number of activist issues on our informal blog. Leads us to wonder if the US military had any drone type toys to play with after their forays into Afghanistan? In other words now that the US has stopped bombing the Taliban can we refocus on a few Rhino poachers.

Word travels quickly in rural villages and I’m sure that a few well placed drone attacks on poachers would instil a certain sense of unease in the back of their minds. Perhaps there are bigger issues that should not be solved with military force but certainly a few more eyes in the sky could not hurt. Come on surely Barak Obama the half Kenyan U.S president could spare a few toys and experienced G.I’s on a global goodwill mission.

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